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All Together Now! Community mobilisation for HIV/AIDS

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International HIV/AIDS Alliance


Today, more than 40 million people are living with HIV/AIDS and many millions more are affected indirectly through family members becoming ill or dying. However, the real story of HIV/AIDS is not happening at the global level but in the streets, settlements, families and communities that make up the world. It is here where action is needed most and counts most.

The community mobilisation for HIV/AIDS set helps communities to become actively and influentially involved in addressing the causes and effects of HIV and AIDS. It consists of two resources:

  • All Together Now! Community mobilisation for HIV/AIDS guides you through the process of mobilising communities to address HIV prevention, care, support, impact mitigation and treatment for those affected by HIV and AIDS.
  • Tools Together Now! 100 participatory tools to mobilise communities for HIV/AIDS is a set of participatory exercises designed to help put All Together Now! into practice. Used together, these two resources will provide a powerful way for organisations and communities to work more effectively together to address HIV/AIDS.
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