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Advocacy Matters: Helping children change their world – A Save the Children guide to advocacy: Participant’s Manual

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Save the Children International

This guide is for Save the Children staff and partners who are involved in advocacy. It is intended to be a resource guide for both facilitators and participants and can also be used on its own as a general advocacy resource. The training material consists of a mixture of practical exercises and theory so that participants learn about advocacy in a way that is relevant to their specific needs and context. It contains background material on each topic addressed, case stories, and references to further resources.

Objectives of the training:

  • gain a deeper understanding, and develop a working definition, of experience and evidence-based advocacy as it applies to children’s needs and rights,
  • understand the basic elements of advocacy, its role in Save the Children, and how it  is integrated into programme work to achieve real and lasting results for children,
  • learn a set of steps to plan for strategic advocacy and begin to develop an advocacy plan related to your work,
  • strengthen personal relationships with fellow advocates, learning from each other’s experience, and working towards building a community of advocacy practitioners,
  • develop a plan to share this workshop’s learning with colleagues, allies and constituents.

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