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Save the Children Sweden

Goodbye to corporal punishment! A pre-text for discussions between parents and children on corporal punishment. Thanks to children´s organisations working in alliance – Save the Children Sweden, Save the Children UK and EPOCH Worldwide – who have pushed for the need of passing laws that grant the children´s rights, a legislation abolishing domestic corporal punishment has been passed in thirteen countries around the world: Sweden (1979), Finland (1983), Denmark (1985), Norway (1987), Austria (1989), Cyprus (1994), Latvia (1998), Croatia (1999),Israel, Germany (2000), Iceland (2003), Ukraine (2004), and Romania (2004). Scotland, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Bulgaria, England, Costa Rica and Brazil are fighting for legislation that eliminates all corporal punishment.In Peru, a campaign is underway to prohibit corporal punishment by amending the Child and Adolescents Code.

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