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Accountability: Just and Democratic Local Governance. Quality and Equity in Public Service Provision

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This handbook was produced by the ActionAid´s International Governance Team as part of the ELBAG (Economic Literacy & Budget Accountability in Governance) Handbook Series. The series focuses on the local level and seeks to support practitioners in their efforts to achieve ActionAid’s strategic promises of improving service delivery for poor people and achieving a fairer distribution of resources to finance public policies aimed at reducing poverty. The handbook is intended for field workers and civil society organisations at the local level and builds on the current good practices that focus on strengthening local accountability in service provision and governance. Experience shows that accountability is the key issue in promoting more responsive and just service delivery.This handbook tells you step by step how civil society organisations and activists can help improve local services by focusing on accountability. Following an explanation of Human Rights as the basis for ActionAid’s work, the handbook includes chapters on:
– Good public services and welfare are essential for a dignified life;
– Local public services – How can we improve them?
– Getting organised – becoming empowered;
– Service delivery – What are your rights?
– Demanding accountability – What are the challenges?
– Gathering evidence – building solidarity;
– Stating your case – campaigning for public service.

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