Accelerating Efforts to End Violence Against Children: How CSOs could collectively engage in the Global Partnership to End Violence against Children

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African Child Policy Forum,Arigatou International,Campaign for Democracy,ChildFund International,ECPAT International,Handicap International,ICJR, Institute for Criminal Justice Reform,ICT Watch,Plan Indonesia,PUSKAPA UI,Save the Children

Through their collaboration and collective action CSOs increase their impact in ENDING VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN, shape and contribute to the success of End Violence, and play a significant and complementary role in the ACHIEVEMENT OF SDG TARGET 16.2 and related targets.

This paper proposes a vision to intensify CSO collaboration at sub-national, national, regional and global levels and to collectively engage as a stakeholder group in the Global Partnership to End Violence against Children. The paper was prepared by a group of CSOs who have been coordinating their engagement with the Global Partnership to End Violence against Children. Please see further background on the process that underpinned the development of this paper in the annexes.

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