A Model of Education in Hard-to-Reach Areas: The Karen Teachers Working Group (KTWG) model

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Save the Children International,Save the Children Thailand

This report examines the specific teacher education model implemented in Karen areas of Myanmar, a model overseen by the Karen Teachers Working Group (KTWG) since 2002 and one that has extended well beyond support to teachers. The report draws upon evidence accumulated over the past decade showing the impact of the KTWG’s work in addressing significant gaps in education quality in areas throughout South-Eastern Myanmar, many of which are isolated, rural, and hard-to-reach. The study reflects on the relevance of such a model in supporting ethnic teachers and students in the rapidly-changing Myanmar context and draws on external literature to validate the approaches used in terms of teacher professional development, teacher quality, and student learning. As part of the reform process, there is an opportunity for
government and education policy-makers to better understand the local systems that already exist, as well as the comparative advantages and technical strengths that existing approaches may have for meeting the educational needs of children in these areas. It is hoped that this report will promote the recognition and acceptance of existing ethnic
education systems that nurture and foster ethnic, linguistic, and language dimensions critical to the maintenance and sustainability of ethnic minority groups in contexts such as these.

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