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2020-2023 Gender Strategy: Protecting children affected by armed conflict in Sub Saharan Africa Programme

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Save the Children International

Since 2017, Save the Children has affirmed its commitment to advancing gender equality in its work through the adoption of a new Gender Equality Policy. This gender strategy will guide the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Save the Children’s PCiC programme. It provides a roadmap to operationalising Save the Children’s global Gender Equality Policy. It is premised upon an understanding of the gendered nature of conflict. A Gender Analysis of the impact of armed conflict on children in Sub-Saharan Africa was undertaken to understand how girls, boys, children of diverse SOGIESC and children with disabilities experience the short and long-term implications of conflict. Given the prevailing context, the potential gendered dimensions of the current COVID-19 crisis – particularly in situations of armed conflict – was also investigated. 

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