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Recurring severe droughts in Ethiopia has led to a humanitarian crisis, with millions of people facing acute food and water shortages. Hundreds of thousands of children are malnourished as a consequence of the food crisis and the lack of clean water has led to outbreaks of cholera and other water-borne diseases. 

Save the Children in Ethiopia is deploying mobile health and nutrition teams. We support children’s nutrition in rehabilitation centers and enroll pregnant and lactating women in supplementary feeding programs

The issues that children in Ethiopia face are some of the most challenging in the world. Even in an "average" year, the education, health and economic situation for millions of Ethiopian children can only be described as a crisis. Frequent food shortages and periodic drought-like conditions continue to put children at risk. With inadequate health care services, many children die before reaching the age of 5. Of those that survive, only a fraction of children attend primary or secondary school. Save the Children has implemented cross-cutting strategies that focus on education, health, food security, HIV/AIDS prevention/education and saving newborn lives.


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