Save the Children Psychological First Aid Training

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                                                  Save the Children Psychological First Aid Training

                                                  Caption: In Daquq camp, Save the Children so far runs one big child-friendly space, which also has some tents that serve as a temporary learning space for children in school age. Each day around 350 children between the age of 4 and 17 attend the activities in the child-friendly space. The staff there runs three shifts a day, and each week up to 2,000 children join in on the activities there. In the child-friendly space children can learn, play and receive the psychosocial support they need to get over their experiences through structured activities which are based on their interests and needs, as well as access to Save the Children’s educational programmes.Some 5,000 people who have fled ISIS controlled areas, mostly in Hawija, now live in Daquq camp in Kirkuk Gvernorate. Save the Children is the only organisation that provides child protection activites in the camp.

                                                  The Psychological First Aid Training Manual for Child Practitioners (PFA), developed in 2013, aims to develop skills and competences of Save the Children staff, partners, and professionals in reducing the initial distress of children who have recently been exposed to a traumatic event.

                                                  In 2017, after feedback from partners and practitioners, the PFA one day programme manual was produced as a condensed version of the original two-day training. In addition to this material, the PFA II was developed as a supplement to the original PFA. It provides advice for non-psychologists, based on field experience, research and the latest theories on child trauma, resilience and recovery.

                                                  Photo: Noelle Ibarra/Save the Children

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