Organisational Capacity Development for Civil Society Organisations

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                                                      Organisational Capacity Development for Civil Society Organisations

                                                      Caption: YiA was a six year learning and livelihood program. In partnership with Mastercard Foundation, the program improved the socio-economic status of over 40,000 out-of-school youth, girls and boys, aged 12-18 in rural Burkina Faso, Egypt, Ethiopia, Malawi and Uganda.

                                                      Organisational Capacity Development (OCD) is a planned and conscious process that consists of holistic analysis, targeted reforms, and evaluation of changes in an organisation. By providing OCD support to our civil society partners, Save the Children want to contribute to the development of sustainable civil society organisations with strong identities that contribute to democratic development by promoting human and child rights and responding to rights violations and humanitarian needs. In practice, this means organisations with well-functioning systems that ensure that they can, attract funding, maintain quality programming, adjust to changes in context, be kept accountable and better manage risks over time. The OCD priorities are determined by the organisation itself, irrespectively of the objectives, performance, or requirements of any specific project, programme, or donor. OCD is part of Save the Children´s contribution to the fulfillment of the Istanbul Principles on Development Effectiveness and the Localisation Agenda.

                                                      For more materials on localisation, visit our Localisation Collection.

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