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                                                      NOURISH Project

                                                      Despite steady economic progress since the mid-1990s and some positive trends in health and nutrition, malnutrition in Cambodia has remained high. The 2014 Cambodia Demographic and Health Survey found that one in four children under five is underweight, one in ten is wasted and nearly one in three is stunted, or chronically malnourished. Underlying causes of malnutrition encompass sub-optimal maternal, infant, and young child feeding and care practices; limited access to health services; poor water, sanitation, and hygiene environment and practices; and household food insecurity. In June 2014, Save the Children, alongside two international organizations—The Manoff Group and SNV Netherlands Development Organization—and three national NGOs—Partners in Compassion, Operations Enfants du Cambodge, and Wathnakpheap—began implementation of NOURISH, a six-year, $19 million USAID/Feed the Future integrated nutrition project in Cambodia.

                                                      Over a six-year period, NOURISH delivered integrated interventions across health and nutrition, WASH, and agriculture, in order to address the various and intertwined factors affecting maternal and childhood malnutrition in Cambodia. This collection documents the project’s baseline and endline survey reports, case studies, and success stories, as well as toolkits, manuals, and other resources migrated from the former NOURISH website. By sharing its learnings, innovations, and approaches, NOURISH hopes to inform current and upcoming projects and drive the next chapter of large-scale maternal and child health and development efforts across Cambodia.

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