Life Saving Actions

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                                                      Life Saving Actions

                                                      Women and girls in remote parts of Colombia have little access to sexual and reproductive health services and information. This contributes to the high levels of teenage pregnancies, including among very young adolescents (10-14 years). Persistent sexual violence and high levels of unsafe abortions and maternal mortality adds to the vulnerability of many women and girls. Save the Children Colombia provides sexual and reproductive health services and information to Venezuelan migrants and indigenous populations in La Guajira in Northern Colombia. The public health services in the area are overwhelmed and not able to cater for the large migrant population. Many people cannot access public hospitals due to lacking registrations and health insurance.

                                                      The Save the Children project has three components:

                                                      1. Save the Children offers clinical counselling, support and follow up of pregnant girls and women as well as free contraceptives and referrals to safe abortion services if needed.
                                                      2. Adolescents, parents, community leaders and LGBTQI+ populations in indigenous and other vulnerable migrant and host communities receive information about their sexual and reproductive rights, prevention of sexual and gender-based violence, and promotion of menstrual health.
                                                      3. Key health actors in the area receive trainings focussing on values and attitudes to be better prepared to meet the Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) needs of the population.

                                                      The project cooperates with the local health authorities as well as the partner organisations Orientame and Profamilia. It is funded by Save the Children Norway and with flexible funding from Save the Children International.

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