Inclusive Education

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                                                  Inclusive Education
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                                                  Save the Children, as a global movement, has non-discrimination and inclusion high on its agenda. Save the Children Sweden (SCS) is among the key members in the movement who are striving to push Inclusive Education higher on the agenda, find solutions to complicated challenges, and demonstrate good practices. Currently, with support of IKEA Foundation and H&M Foundation, nine countries in Asia and Europe, including Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Kosovo, Myanmar, Philippines, Romania, and Vietnam, are implementing projects focusing on Inclusive Education as a response to discrimination and exclusion of children.

                                                  Save the Children is organizing a learning event for staff, government officials, civil society partners and other stakeholders, including academia. The event will be held in Bangkok from 6-8 December 2016 and more than 40 people will be participating. It builds on the 2014 workshop to offer further opportunities for sharing and learning among and between countries. In addition, the 2016 workshop will have a special technical focus on translating the theory of inclusive education into classroom strategies and positive learning outcomes, ensuring the right to education for all children in project countries, with a special focus on equity and education for the most excluded children – those with disabilities.

                                                  This page provides a list of publications and information on Inclusive Education developed by Save the Children and liked minded organizations.

                                                  Photo credits: Alexandra Bacescu/Save the Children Romania

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