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                                                  FACT Project

                                                  Fertility Awareness for Community Transformation

                                                  The Fertility Awareness for Community Transformation (FACT) Project fosters an environment where women and men can take actions to protect their reproductive health throughout the life-course by testing strategies to increase fertility awareness and expand access to fertility awareness-based methods (FAM) at the community level.

                                                  As a research, intervention, and technical assistance project, FACT is testing two primary hypotheses:

                                                  1. Increased fertility awareness improves family planning use.
                                                  2. Expanding access to FAM increases uptake of family planning and reduces unintended pregnancies.

                                                  The FACT team employs a systematic approach to testing these hypotheses through developing and investigating innovative solutions to improve fertility awareness and expand availability of FAM. The approach is guided by the Solution Development Cycle, an iterative process for the discovery, design, and development of solutions using formative research, participatory design, and intervention testing.

                                                  The aim of this process is to translate scientific data into simple, practical, and scalable solutions which can be integrated into existing platforms both within and beyond the health system such as community-based nutrition groups, agriculture co-ops, savings and loans clubs, and pregnant women’s groups.

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