Children Affected by Armed Conflict (CAAC) in Sub-Saharan Africa

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                                                  Children Affected by Armed Conflict (CAAC) in Sub-Saharan Africa

                                                  Children Affected by Armed Conflict (CAAC) in Sub-Saharan Africa is a programme that aims to ensure that all children affected by armed conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa are adequately protected from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation by providing:

                                                  1. Strengthened capacity for regional actors in Sub-Saharan Africa.
                                                  2. Increased influence and participation by children, youth and civil society organizations in process for peace and reconciliation in Sub-Saharan Africa.
                                                  3. Strengthened capacity and competence for Country Offices and partners to engage with armed forces and groups to prevent, resolve and deal with the effects of armed conflict on children in Sub Saharan Africa.
                                                  4. Strengthened capacity and capability in Francophone conflict affected countries in West and Central Africa, in particular local and national actors, to protect children affected by armed conflict.
                                                  5. Strengthened role of humanitarian child protection actors in Francophone conflict-affected countries in West and Central Africa in coordinated service delivery, through increased leadership and influence and access to humanitarian funding.
                                                  6. Strengthened capacity of regional actors in Sub-Saharan Africa to deploy transformative and sustainable policies and actions based on evidence and learning.

                                                  With this page, Save the Children contributes to a centralized source of evidence from CAAC in Sub-Saharan Africa, including research, reports, tools and call for actions. Available material  promotes child’s rights and protection, youth empowerment and better ways of engaging with armed actors.

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