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For the month of May, we spotlight our collaboration with Save the Children’s School Health and Nutrition Program (SHN). Through this partnership, the program’s most essential materials have been gathered and made accessible through the Resource Centre—ranging from programming manuals to child-friendly educational materials. The School Health and Nutrition resources come in a variety of languages, representing the diversity of the achievements of the School Health and Nutrition programs worldwide.


Every year, millions of children miss school because of easily treatable and preventable diseases. This results in missed learning opportunities, poor school attendance, and in the worst case, a premature discontinuation of studies.  The School Health and Nutrition Program works closely with schools and communities to lead health interventions, with the aim of enabling children to attend school without disruptions, and ultimately, help them become healthier and more productive adults.

The program conducts practical interventions to help children’s schooling, such as deworming, eye screenings, and malaria tests. They also work to ensure safe water access and hygiene facilities for students, with a commitment to attend to the special needs of school-aged girls. Beyond these interventions, the program helps children develop life-long health habits, while also advocating for health-related changes on a policy level.

Access the cornerstone materials of the School Health and Nutrition Program, showcasing their continuous work to aid the schooling of children across the developing world, in the curated library linked below.


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Last updated: 2022-04-13