2023 in Review: Our Most Accessed Child Rights Resources

As we look back on the past year, we're excited to share the top 20 documents that were accessed the most on our platform. These resources not only focus on protecting children but also explore their rights and responsibilities, and current situation around the world. Our community has grown significantly to over 570,000 users, a substantial increase from last year's 220,000; we celebrate the diversity of this group, which represents countries from all around the world. We've also experienced a notable increase of 800+ new resources added to our extensive library over the past year, which now includes content in over 400 languages. The collaboration of 2,600 publishers worldwide has greatly enriched our collection, reflecting the truly global nature of the child rights movement.

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A wide range of topics

The most accessed documents reveal a profound interest from our users in a highly diverse range of Child Rights topics. From foundational principles to emerging trends, these resources encapsulate the collective expertise of the global Child Rights community.  Our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility is reflected by the variety of languages and perspectives, ensuring that knowledge transcends borders and cultural boundaries. Of course, we appreciate every contribution, and we hope each resource can reach its intended audience. There’s no intention of ranking involved. Explore the collection and these notable resources: 


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As we bring this remarkable year to a close, our deepest gratitude goes to all our users, contributors, and partners who have played an integral role in our journey. Your dedication to child rights has propelled our Resource Centre to become one of the most comprehensive sources of knowledge in the field. 

Our commitment for the coming year is steadfast: to maximize impact, gather evidence, refine our approach, and share knowledge that empowers the global child rights movement. Join us in strengthening the child rights movement’s knowledge-base—contribute to the library and use the materials to create positive change in children’s lives.

Want to get the conversation going? Contact us: resourcecentre@savethechildren.org

By: Elena Lefebvre

Last updated: 2023-12-13

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